Ideal Weekend Getaways For Couples

Taking time to travel for a few days as a couple and getting away from the weekly routine is an important part of any relationship.

These weekend getaways for couples create an ideal environment for the relationship to grow, filled with opportunities to develop more intimate bonds between the two of you.

The first question many people ask is “where do we go?” This is the time to take stock of where you live since that will determine the best places that you can travel within the given time constraints of a weekend.

If you live in a coastal city there are many options. A nearby beach is always a relaxing way to spend the time. There is something romantic about the waves and sunsets that only a beach can provide.

It does not have to be at the ocean to be ideal, as there are many beautiful lakes in most states that also appeal to those who are in love.

Weekend Getaways Don’t Need To Be Expensive

Secluded Locations

Secluded Locations

Driving to a bed and breakfast (B&B) in the country is a good option for those seeking cheap weekend getaways for couples.

Look to see if a B&B is near things you wish to see such as a working farm with horseback riding and trails.

You could pack a picnic lunch and have a romantic afternoon there.

Consider visiting the nearby shops and perhaps get souvenirs of homemade jams and jellies, t-shirts, woodwork, or art that is only found in this area. These souvenirs help you to remember the time you spent together on a memorable weekend outing.

In addition, there usually there are festivals going on in these small towns that would add value and fun to the visit.

Some couples decide to drive up into the mountains to rent a cabin.

With daily life so hectic at times it can be very welcoming to have just birds chirping among stately pines and a babbling brook to sit beside and talk.

You could also pack up your tent and camping supplies and head out into the woods. Pitching a tent and cooking on a fire is not for everyone but it can be fun together if you enjoy those kinds of activities.

Spend the days fishing in a stream or canoeing on a quiet lake with just lake loons calling across the water.

Take Advantage Of Your Time Off 

An entertaining way to spend the weekend is a short weekend cruise. There are many of those available and they only last two to three days.

A few years ago, my spouse and I took a short cruise to Mexico from Southern California. It was just the trip we needed, getting away from the everyday chores and cooking around the house to be fully taken care of.

The cost of this type of trip is minimal and there are so many activities aboard the ship to fill the time during the open ocean voyage.

Take a few dance classes or see shows or visit the casinos on the ship. There are shore excursions to try such as kayaking, zip lining, horseback riding, and river rafting, snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins (depending on the location of the cruise).

Modern Hotel Styles Downtown

Modern Hotel Styles Downtown

One of our favorite things to do is to book a room at a nearby resort. Many of these places are like a mini vacation (or some people call them “staycations”).

Explore new restaurants that you may have never heard of before, by first looking at some of the reviews in Yelp. Getting away as a couple means trying something new and different.

If you are always inside sitting at your computer then try one of those new camps for families or couples. They have them for all skill levels, goals and desires.

Some are for adventure enthusiasts with zip lines and obstacle courses to enjoy. Other camps are for special needs such as diabetes or weight loss.

Even that can be great as a couple activity if it is helpful to the overall purpose of taking your relationship to the next level.

There are also the zen type of retreats that include Tai Chi or Yoga and meditation (which are especially helpful if your day in and day out routine is very stressful).

Play Tourist At Nearby Towns or Cities

Public Gardens

Public Gardens

As a couple you could visit a nearby town and just play tourist.

See the sights after acquiring the specific destination brochures from the Chamber of Commerce, City Information Centers, or other travel related forums online or books and resources at your local library or bookstore.

There could be hidden gems nearby that you never knew existed, like waterfalls, gardens, wildlife areas, or other not to be missed sights.

Sometimes couples wish to spend a weekend helping out at a food bank or animal shelter. Volunteering is a great way of giving back to the community or less fortunate and it helps you appreciate what you usually take for granted.

Another thing to try is to divide your state into quarters. Then take one of the sections and explore it. Drive through the small towns and take time to get to know each one and what they have to offer.

You might discover ancient Indian ruins or state parks that are breathtaking. You might tour tea factories or soda bottlers or newspapers. Who knows, you may be the expert that eventually ends up writing a guide or small book about the area that others could use.

A delightful way to spend some couple time together is taking cooking classes together. Most cooking classes are small, with about six other couples, and you create a meal together.

They have weekend groups that discuss vegetarian dishes or how to barbecue steaks the right way. Planning the trip can make it much more fun.

Choose Relaxation Treatments Or Other Fun Activities

Best Spa Treatments

Best Spa Treatments in this City

Spending the weekend at the spa where you could get a couples massage with warm stones and scented oils is the perfect way to relax and unwind from a busy schedule.

Spend the days being pampered and the nights being romantic. There are many spas and packages that you could pick and choose the items you want the most.

Weekend getaways for couples could include visiting theme parks. Usually in a persons life they do not make time to just have fun.

Riding the rides together, enjoying an ice cream sandwich walking along the boardwalk, looking down from the Ferris wheel to the people below will build memories.

Be sure to include taking plenty of photographs. Sometimes they have places to have photos taken there as a couple.

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