Your Retreat – When it’s Better to Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Feel like skipping the normal hotel and give want to give a bed and breakfasts a chance? Hotels are expensive and not really personable, but people still go there for the security, stability and easy access. Hotel chains typically have a reputation as a place people need to stay especially when it is in an unfamiliar place.

Since bed and breakfasts are smaller businesses, there isn’t as much information about them.

But there are many reasons for you to choose a bed and breakfast over staying at hotel. Bed and breakfasts are pretty awesome. If you’re considering it but aren’t thoroughly convinced, then I might be able to sway you towards taking the plunge.

It Has a Homey Appeal

A lot of hotels try to give you the comfort of a home but they usually fall short in this area (big time). Hotels are just too big and they don’t have the charm that you would find in bed and breakfasts. Some people find this to be more endearing and they end up being more comfortable.

Bed and breakfasts are also usually located far away from busy areas so you end up really feeling like you’re at home. This coziness is what a lot of people are after and if you’re the same then you’ll love being at a bed and breakfast.

fruit trees

On-Site Activities

Some bed and breakfasts are located in places that allow for activities without leaving the area. An example would be pick your own farms where, as it says in the name, you can just walk around the farm and pick fruit.

Even when your bed and breakfast doesn’t have that many activities within their grounds, they are usually located somewhere near attractions that their clientele would be interested in.

Amazing Customer Service

Bed and breakfasts are smaller than hotels which means that the staff usually doesn’t consist of that many people so it’s easy to become familiar with them. Owners are also usually very hands-on so excellent customer service can be guaranteed. Familiarity with staff will make your stay very comfortable and enjoyable.

This is a great edge over hotels that can have up to hundreds of staff members that can be quite cold when dealing with guests. Bed and breakfasts are very warm with their guests so you can expect this.

Meeting People

table at bed and breakfastIf you’re friendly and sociable, you will love bed and breakfasts. They have a lot of common areas that are meant to bring the whole place together instead of segment them into groups.

The dining areas and living areas are great places to meet people. You might even find your next set of couple friends here.

Meeting some new people is also great because you’ll find other people to travel with and you can share your experience with new people.

You can build long lasting friendships with these people and you might even plan your next adventure with them.

It goes without saying that bed and breakfasts are more affordable than hotels. It isn’t really for everyone but it’s an experience and you should try it at least once in your life. It’s a common romantic getaway and there’s no harm in trying.


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