A Twist On Road Trip Games

Fight off boredom with these road trip games

Road trips are fun but traffic jams can easily suck the happiness out of it. And boredom is quite inevitable when it comes to long drives. But you can easily combat this with a few road trip games.

There are a few classic road trip games like the license plate game or I spy but these can get old really fast. What you need are different road trip games, games that are fresh so that you can have as much on the road as you will on your actual trip.

The Never-ending Story

This game is something that creative couples can play together. You basically have to come up with a story together.

You can choose to do it one word at a time or one sentence at a time. You can even make it more challenging by requiring or limiting each sentence by a certain number of words.

If you still think that the game is too easy at that point, you can add more restrictions or requirements to your additions like having to start each sentence with a specific letter or including a certain item in your parts of the story.

If a person can no longer add anything to the story or if they give it an ending, they would then have to perform a dare. But of course, since you’re in a car you can reserve some dares for your next stop.

Song Chain

Car Radio Fun Game For SongsIf creating stories isn’t really your thing, then the Song Chain game would be a great alternative. Like the previous game, this is about linking things together but instead of making a story, you’re going to be singing songs.

To play this, one person starts singing a song and the last word he or she sings, has to be the first word of the next person’s song.

So if the starter sings “you’re the only one,” the next person has to start with the word “one.”

You and you’re significant other is going to end up racking your brain for lyrics of all the songs you’ve ever heard in your entire life.

What makes the game challenging is how your opponent can stop at any word so they have the option of making it really hard for you to link a new song to it.

For an extra challenge, you can limit the song choices to specific category like a genre or certain era.

Like the previous game, you can spice this up by giving dares to the player who can’t come up with a response.

Music Shuffle Game

In this game, you’re pretty much turning your car’s radio into a Magic 8 Ball. For this game, plug your music player into your car’s sound system and set it on shuffle.

Ask a question and then press next, the title of the song is the answer to your question. If the title doesn’t really make sense, try to listen to the lyrics instead.

If you don’t have a music player, you can do this with your car’s radio and instead of switching songs, choose different radio stations. This is a really fun game that can end with hilarious results.

These road trip games are perfect for those who are looking for something to play other than the classic options. And you can try to come up with your own games or modify existing ones with new rules.