The Best Backpacks for Traveling

Backpacks are the perfect bag for a weekend vacation. They are small enough to be considered as carry-on but they have enough space for all your stuff. They are also very easy to carry and transport.

Personally, backpacks are my preferred bag for all my travels. I often stuff the DSLR camera, lightweight jackets, food, maps and guides inside my pack and off we go on our adventure.

There have been times where I have forgotten to bring my pack with me. It was like being without water, and in the back of my head I felt like I’d trade anything now to not have to carry items in my hands.

Not all backpacks are built for adventures so you need to find a sturdy one. I’m no expert on the topic, but I’d like to think that I know a little bit on this area.

Here are some bags that would be great to use for your vacation. These backpacks have the essentials that you’ll need for your upcoming adventures.

Teton Sports Scout 3400

Teton Sports Scout 3400

This backpack looks a lot like the typical backpacking gear. It’s an internal frame backpack which means that it will hold its shape even when it’s empty.

This is a great pack for camping and hiking trips since it has a sleeping bag compartment and a pocket for a water bladder. It’s a pretty spacey at 3,400 cubic inches too.

Apart from its size, another reason why this bag is worth considering is how comfortable it is to carry and bring. Comfort is a top priority with me which is why this item caught my attention.

This super sturdy pack will definitely last you several trips before it gives up on you.

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

SwissGear produces a lot of high quality products for travelers. This backpack is no different.

The ScanSmart pack will be highly reliable for trips and while it isn’t the best bag for camping and hiking, this bag can definitely take quite a beating.

This comfortable bag is pretty big and will be able to fit an entire weekend’s worth of clothes and then some. It also has compartments for your gadgets like your MP3 player and laptop.

There is also a water bottle pocket, which will be appreciated by people who are frequently thirsty like me.

Another reason why I like this bag is because it is simple enough for everyday use.

A casual bag like this is great for all-around usage.

eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible

eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible

This is like having a suitcase in the form of a backpack. What makes this backpack so enticing is the smart placement of compartments and the way that each segment is divided.

If you’re the type that really wants to maximize space in your bag, this is the backpack of your dreams!

It has several pockets for all your belongings and even features a large zippered mesh compartment in the bag’s interior for organization and additional storage.

There is also some sort of “shelving” in the bag for you to organize your bag. I love this bag because of all the organization possibilities it allows.

It also comes in several colors so you and your partner can get matching bags in different colors.

Backpacks are the best. They are easy to carry and pack and they’re super convenient. Any frequent traveler will tell you that the backpack is an important part of your travel gear roster.

Different people will like different packs and I hope that you found something for you here.