Exploring New York City as a Couple

New York City (or the Big Apple) is place that many people hope to someday visit. Part of the reason is because of the history, and also movies which have portrayed New York as a romantic, fun and exiting town (see You’ve Got Mail for an example). It is considered [Read more…]

Exploring Vancouver – City Guide to Canada

Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada and is the chosen destination of around nine million people each year (as noted by the Vancouver Economic Commission). This city has so many things to offer tourists, which is why it is a popular place for people to go to. [Read more…]

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for partying, drinking, gambling, and so many other things. It’s the perfect place to go to when you’re looking for entertainment of any sort. But since this place is very popular, there’s isn’t exactly an off season which is typically the ideal time to visit a tourist spot. [Read more…]

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Northern California

Spending anytime in Northern California will be well worth the journey. If this is your first time to this wonderful state, you may have already done some research and found that California is like two separate states. The south is very entertainment focused and fast paced, while the north [Read more…]

Romantic Getaways In Ohio

Ohio has a lot of places to see if you are traveling to this mid-western state on vacation or if you already live there but are looking for some romantic new spots to visit during your time off. Also known as the “Buckeye” state, Ohio still maintains that small town America feeling when you visit. [Read more…]

Visiting San Francisco – Travel Guide

San Francisco is a major city in Northern California with a significant population for such a small area (nearly 7.5 million people living in the space of around 47 square miles). It comes in second only to New York City for the most densely populated city in the United States. It is also one of the top [Read more…]

Cheap Travel Options for Any Budget

Saving money and finding good deals on travel is something that everybody should consider as a part of their budgeting and planning process. Why do more people today concern themselves with finding quality cheap weekend getaways for couples? [Read more…]