Cheap Travel Options for Any Budget

Saving money and finding good deals on travel is something that everybody should consider as a part of their budgeting and planning process. Why do more people today concern themselves with finding quality cheap weekend getaways for couples? A slow economy can play a part in this, but overall we believe there is a satisfaction with knowing that you can find good deals on travel on your own. And with today’s social atmosphere (using tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc.), these great deals will likely be shared with friends and family almost instantaneously.

Utilizing Online Resources To Find Affordable Getaways

With gas prices hovering upwards of $4 per gallon, traveling great distances becomes an expensive proposition that can chip away your hard earned money. There are many opportunities to score great deals on hotels near your hometown (or within a few hours’ drive). One great website that we have found provides consistently cheaper rates than the competition is Their bargain basement prices and the ability to give you an iron clad guarantee, is reassuring in case plans change (and often times they do). Additionally, they give you points toward money back on future reservations (something everybody loves to take advantage of).

Make A List Of Activities Or Events Before You Go

Central Park NYC

Great Views Of Central Park From This Hotel

Once you have made your hotel reservations for the weekend, you’ll probably want to start thinking about what you can do once you get there. Since the concept of this page is based around finding cheap weekend getaway ideas, the activities we present here will cost little or nothing at all. If the place you have chosen is in a city, consider visiting some of the local parks. Here are some examples of excellent parks in big cities:

  • NYC – Central Park
  • Los Angeles – Griffith Park
  • Seattle – Volunteer Park
  • San Diego – Balboa Park

Start by going to Google and typing “park ABC city” (fill in ABC city with the actual city you plan to visit). This usually generates a list of various parks that you can visit. Also, check out the city webpage, they often have a Parks and Recreation section that will provide a list of the parks available there.  Whether you plan to rent a bicycle, have a picnic, or just take a walk on the many trails, the parks offer something for everyone.

Outdoor Recreation Appeals To Our Natural Curiosity

Kayaking On A Lake

Kayaking The Still Waters of a Lake

Lakes, beaches and mountains are also great getaways that have much to offer those who are on a budget. Lakes can provide other affordable activities such as renting a kayak or canoe, fishing or swimming. Beaches are great because they offer many opportunities to be involved with sports including surfing, swimming, walking or running on the sand, boat rides, or just sunbathing. The mountains have everything, from day hikes to wildlife viewing.

There are endless possibilities if affordable weekend getaways for couples is the end goal. The only added task is a little more research to find these opportunities and to plan them, but they do exist and millions of people are taking advantage of them each week.