Exploring New York City as a Couple

New York City (or the Big Apple) is place that many people hope to someday visit. Part of the reason is because of the history, and also movies which have portrayed New York as a romantic, fun and exiting town (see You’ve Got Mail for an example). It is considered the most populated city in the U.S. with nearly 20 million people spread across the metropolitan area.

New York can be described in so many ways, and romantic can be one of them too if bright lights and busy streets is something you enjoy. The city that never sleeps has a lot to offer for excited couples looking for some fun and romance.

If you and your honey are planning a trip to NYC, then you might be looking for some attractions and activities to check out. With everything going on in this place you won’t run out of things to do. Here are some places and activities you might want to visit or do while you’re in The Big Apple.

Culture and the Arts

Ellis Island - Statue of LibertyNew York City has been called the cultural capital of the world. It is a melting pot of different cultures which goes back throughout the history of the city (an entry point for immigrants coming to the United States through Ellis Island). Just walking the around streets will amaze you.

You can also choose to check out some museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art which features possibly every category of art known to man, El Museo del Barrio which showcases Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Latin American art, the Museum of Modern Art which boasts over 100,000 pieces, and the International Center of Photography which is a museum as well as the largest photography school in the world.

NYC is also Mecca to theater buffs which fly towards Broadway like moths to a flame. 40 professional theaters await patrons who are interested in seeing theatrical performances. Watching at least one show is a must if you’re in NYC.

New York City is also known for its music which features jazz, blues, and several sub-genres of rock as well as the emergence of hip hop, Latin freestyle, and Salsa. If you’re in the city, you should try to check out some smaller shows in bars. You could witness the beginning of the world’s next music superstars.


New York City FoodBeing the cultural capital means having a lot of dining options to offer. New York City has food carts, food trucks, casual eateries, and high end restaurants.

But if you’re looking for something romantic and intimate, New York City can help you there. The 21 Club can be found on West 52nd Street and features traditional American cuisine.

Aureole is another American cuisine restaurant and it can be found on 42nd Street. Aureole’s ambiance definitely gives off a romantic and intimate vibe that you will really love.

And don’t forget to try Serendipity 3 in the Upper East Side of Manhattan which is has been the chosen romantic setting for several movies and TV shows.

Other Activities and Attractions

You might also want to check out Times Square at night to marvel at all the stunning lights. You should also go to Central Park which offers a variety of outdoor activities such as boating, rock climbing, and riding on carriages and pedicabs among others.

Summers also mean free theater productions in the park’s Public Theater as well as an annual performance by the New York Philharmonic.

The things listed here are just a fraction of what you can do and see in New York City. Being the booming city that it is, you won’t have a hard time keeping yourself entertained and interested. Use this as a guide but don’t be afraid to try something spontaneous.