Exploring Vancouver – City Guide to Canada

Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada and is the chosen destination of around nine million people each year (as noted by the Vancouver Economic Commission). This city has so many things to offer tourists, which is why it is a popular place for people to go to. Vancouver is a place that is very rich in culture. In fact, there are five main cultural influences that have helped shape this cities culturally rich atmosphere: Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Native and Italian.

It’s a fairly large city, so looking for things to do can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re considering checking out Vancouver, you can use this as a guide to figure out what to do while you’re there. Below are some ideas designed to jump start your trip planning.

Vancouver Trip Ideas Video


Exploring Vancouver City LightsVancouver is a coastal seaport city that can be found on the mainland of British Columbia in Canada. It is a very ethnically diverse city and more than half of its population does not speak English as their first language.

Canada is known for being a very cold country and Vancouver is one of its warmer cities with summer temperatures averaging at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. As with most cities, the architecture of Vancouver is quite notable and features some unique structures that you should definitely check out (like the Brock House, Holy Rosary Cathedral, Woodward’s Department Store, and more).


Vacouver's Best FoodDining is always an important part of traveling and Vancouver has a full plate for you. For a unique experience head over to the Elbow Room which is known for its “bad service.” The service is actually intentionally bad as the restaurant’s gimmick. Expect rude waiters as you munch on breakfast and brunch favorites. Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is a diner that has random objects lining the walls for decoration. While you’re here, sit back and enjoy their burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes.

Since Vancouver is a seaport city, you can expect some seafood restaurants scattered across the city. Go Fish is a seafood shack that serves what some people call the best fish and chips in the entire city which allows you to choose between halibut, salmon, or cod. The shack’s daily specials constantly change depending on what the fishing boats bring in. Fish House in Stanley Park is for those who prefer eating in a fancier establishment and this is actually one of the fanciest places in the park. They serve some of the best seafood in the city with a menu that changes depending on the availability of the fish. They also have a great selection of desserts.


Much like any other city, Vancouver also features a thriving nightlife. So for all you insomniacs and night owls here’s what Vancouver has for you. The Railway Club is a pub that features eclectic live music and a weekly sing-a-long for all you frustrated singers. You can also check out St. Augustine’s, Yatetown Brewing Company, and The Whip for some local craft beers. The East Van Wine Academy offers you a different kind of wine tasting that isn’t too formal.

Vancouver’s Nightlife

Culture and the Arts

The Vancouver Art GalleryWith a very diverse ethnic background, you can expect Vancouver to be rich in culture. The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to a number of art evens like live music, live performances, and exhibitions.  Vancouver also has several theaters where you can watch plays like the Firehall Arts Centre which typically features experimental performances. The Arts club Theatre Company is a non-profit theatre company that consistently delivers amazing shows every season that range from classics to very recent works. The city also hosts a few festivals each year like the Vancouver Burlesque Festival which runs for 10 days. The Vancouver Fringe Festival unearths the city’s underground theater scene and can feature up to 500 performances in nearly any venue that will have them.

Vancouver is a very interesting city that you will love exploring. There is so much to do and see in this amazing place that even with all the things listed above, you’ll still end up discovering additional activities and events once you arrive there.