Great Tips for Packing—Saving Space in Your Bag

Space saving is always a concern when packing for a trip. Packing amateurs will find themselves slumped over bags that won’t zip all the way and suitcases that won’t close.

And the worst part is unpacking everything, figuring out where you went wrong, and starting all over it again.

You can choose to get frustrated or you can learn some tricks in packing. If there isn’t any room left for all your things, then there isn’t any room for frustration either. These tips can save you in a packing fiasco.

Plan it All Out

Before doing anything, figure out how many changes of clothes you would need in a day and list them down accordingly. Think about all your activities and if you will be attending any events and choose which clothes you will bring.

When you have your list, check to see if you can still fit extra clothes (in case of emergencies, of course) and if you can pack your own toiletries or if you should buy them there instead.

Pick the Right Clothes

Neatly Packed SuitcaseWhat looks like a thin shirt might actually be bulky when you try to pack it. If you’re going to a warm destination, try to pack clothes that are really thin. And if you can, choose shorts over pants.

It can be a bit more difficult if you’re headed to a chilly locale. Coats and jackets can be a pain to pack so just choose one or two for your entire trip so that they won’t take up too much space in your bag.

Rolling Not Folding (And Some Other Methods)

Rolling is a tried and tested method of packing that totally saves space. Rolling allows you to tuck your clothes in tighter spaces and you can squeeze them next to each other.

The downside is that this can wrinkle your clothes. If you’re packing things in a suitcase, you can also just lay them out flat, no folding necessary. You can also combine folding and rolling to get everything to fit better without wrinkling any of your clothes (ladies check out these tips here).

Maximize the Space

Try to pack as much of your stuff as you can. Then examine your bag, see what else you can put and where you can put them. You have to remember that you might bring some souvenirs and gifts home so you have to leave a bit of space in your bag when you’re packing.

Some tricks in maximizing your bag’s space is placing your socks or other small items inside your shoes. You can also try to fit shirts or shorts around your bag in the spaces left over. Don’t let the spaces in between garments go to waste.

Pick the Right Bag

The bag you choose can make a difference. Find a bag that is expandable and has pockets. The pockets allow you to be more organized and it provides you with more space to store your things.

You should also pick a bag that is light but sturdy. You don’t need any additional weight from a heavy bag so choose well.

Hopefully, these tips can greatly help you pack smartly and efficiently on your next weekend trip.