Making a Camping Trip Romantic: Simple Ideas For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Spending just a few nights outdoors, underneath the starry skies, is such a peaceful experience. Camping is now a very popular activity that people take part in when they want to get away from the noise and lights of the city. It’s a hobby for some people while others treat it as a vacation. No matter what your level of interest is, camping is a very fun activity that can teach you and your significant other many new and exciting things.

Camping might not seem like the most romantic thing you can do, but if you really want to bring romance into this “roughin it environment”, you’ll be able to do it with enough effort. There are a lot of things you can do to make a camping trip more romantic, here are some tips.

Day Activities

jumping in the lakeMost campsites are near a lake where you can go swimming. Swimming is one thing you can do together. It probably isn’t the first thing you think of when somebody says romance but it can be quite romantic. Swimming can be a very intimate yet fun and playful activity. This is a great idea for playful couples. Hiking is another thing you can do together. The walk will give you time to talk and get to know each other really well. Make sure to bring extra water or if you are near a river you can use a water filter to make it safe to drink.

If physical activities aren’t your thing, then you can also have a picnic at your campsite. Pack some fruits, sandwiches, maybe even some wine and find a good spot. Picnics can be very special depending on how you present the food. You might also consider lying down on a blanket and just relaxing next to each other. It’s a great bonding experience.

Night Activities

Going on a boat ride is a great idea if you really want to do something romantic. A lot of classic love stories feature scenes where two lovers go on a boat and row to the middle of the lake and enjoy the moonlight together. You can channel these characters and recreate these romantic scenes together. This is also a good time to stargaze. The moon and the stars will really make your boat ride something to remember.

Campsites are usually the perfect place for stargazing since artificial lights will not interfere with doing this. When you’re away from the city or any other densely populated areas you will be able to really see the stars shining in the heavens. The view you will get from stargazing at a campsite isn’t something you’ll get to experience too often so you should really take advantage of the situation. The stars also provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.

camp fireStarting a camp fire and cuddling next to it is another fun thing you can do. The cozy atmosphere will really make for a special moment between two people. Siting next to a fire with your loved one tends to also bring out some good conversation. You can also make smores to share while you’re doing this. To see some great fire pit rings that are ideal for camping, click here.

Camping and romance can really go together if you make the effort to try it. Your guy or girl won’t have a reason to not go with you on a camping trip if you highlight some of the benefits above.