Romantic Getaways In Ohio

Ohio has a lot of places to see if you are traveling to this mid-western state on vacation or if you already live there but are looking for some romantic new spots to visit during your time off. Also known as the “Buckeye” state, Ohio still maintains that small town America feeling when you visit. I lived near Toledo for a few years during my childhood and I loved the sense of community and friendliness that this state exemplified. There are also cities that offer a ton of options in terms of entertainment and dining. As far as places to see off the beaten path, there are many from a lake to the north to a national park. It depends on what you want to see during your quick vacation time. I’ll try to give some examples of places and itineraries for a short trip.


Late April-May and September-Early October is the best weather when the temperatures average in the 60s-70s Fahrenheit. Spring does have some showers so be prepared for a little precipitation in those months. During the summer expect high temperatures and humidity. Winters in Ohio are harsh and probably not recommended for the simple reason of accessibility to many of the activities that are mentioned here (I remember wearing a snowsuit when I was a kid and playing in the snow a lot during the winter months….brr).


  • Cincinnati – Located on the Ohio river, Cincinnati has everything from pro sports teams to jazz festivals. The city is known for its historical architecture.
  • Columbus – The capital and largest city in the state in terms of population (approx 700k people).
  • Dayton – Well known for its art and culture scene (in the top 10% of the nation) and home to National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.
  • Toledo – This city has great museums and is a wonderful choice if you are bringing kids along with you (i.e. has a nice zoo, science center and botanical gardens).

Outside the Main Cities

If you choose to venture outside the 5 cities that are mentioned above, it could lead to a rewarding experience. The Cayahuga Valley National Park offers many activities that are fun for a couple to experience, from a ranger led discussion to excellent hiking and it is just a short distance away from Cleveland. For more information and a schedule of events related to the Cayahuga Valley National Park check out the official website here.

Before You Go

The Ohio Division Of Travel and Tourism has a wealth of information about Ohio and is considered one of the leading resources for those who are planning to travel to Ohio. Their website is at You can also reach them by calling them at 1-800-BUCKEYE (282-5393). They can send you a travel planner if you request it, with a good amount of information and coupons.