Romantic Weekend Getaways in Northern California

Spending anytime in Northern California will be well worth the journey. If this is your first time to this wonderful state, you may have already done some research and found that California is like two separate states. The south is very entertainment focused and fast paced, while the north has a slower pace lifestyle with an emphasis on outdoors and nature. That may be what attracts people there in droves every year.

The weather patterns in the north vary and are usually very different than the southern part of the state. Mornings often bring fog and sometimes frost while the afternoons can be warm and sunny. If you are flying in from another state, the airport that you will likely find most convenient is in San Francisco (SFO). This international air travel hub is the 20th largest airport in the world and 2nd busiest in California (just behind Los Angeles International Airport).

If you haven’t already checked out the article we wrote on San Francisco, I highly recommend it, as it will give you some insight into how the area is laid out and things to do.  This city has a rich history and the infamous hills make it so unique to travel with via a car or on a trolley. There are numerous places to stay in San Francisco, click here for a list of the most popular hotels and resorts.

near redwoodsThere are many side trips that you could take outside the main city. Some popular places to visit are: Redwoods National Park, Napa Valley, Monterrey, Sacramento, High Sierra and Shasta. It really boils down to what you enjoy to do that will determine which places you’ll find the most rewarding on your romantic weekend getaway in Northern California. Some couples enjoy going to Yosemite National Park or the Redwoods because they find that environment most romantic, being in nature and away from the crowds of the city. Others will find romance by going to wine country. Napa Valley is known around the world for being a great place to enjoy the many rolling hills and wineries it has to offer.

If you can find some extra time for an extended weekend, then you might also want to look at driving down the coast from San Francisco to Monterrey or Carmel. The coastal route on Highway 101 and 1 is breathtaking and if you are traveling between the months of May through Mid October consider renting a convertible.