Tips for Keeping Your Gadgets Safe

We’ve all heard about friends having their gadgets wrecked, stolen, or lost while on vacation. A lot of things can happen when you’re in an unfamiliar place and you need to look out for your gear or valuables with more tenacity than you normally would back at home. But how exactly can you do this?

Within this article, you find some tips that can help you keep your gadgets safe. Losing your digital camera – cheap or expensive as it may be or misplacing that new smartphone is a pain, but having it stolen isn’t just a hit on your wallet, it’s also a blow to your privacy and security.

A lost or damaged gadget also means losing a lot of valuable data that has taken time and commitment to establish in the first place. Note that not all destinations that you visit will require this level of attention.

Theft Protection

You can keep your gadgets safe from sticky fingers by placing them in simple looking bags or just applying some simple common sense tactics.

If you carry a camera bag around then everyone will know that you could have an expensive camera in there (i.e. a DSLR). Consider using bags that won’t clearly giveaway what gadgets you have on you.

The same goes for cellphone holsters, laptop and iPad bags or sleeves, or any other pouch or case. Your first defense is concealing to the best of your ability, what you have brought with you.

A lot of hotels have safes in each of their rooms for guests to use. Read the instructions carefully and if ask authorized hotel personnel any questions you might have so you use it properly. You can leave gadgets that you won’t need throughout the day here like laptops or tablets.

Most people trust hotel staff and just leave their things lying around the room but just to be sure and so that you can avoid arguments with management, take advantage of having a safe.

Above: Video about Safety Pants – Cool Technology Concept


Loss Protection

Keeping track of your gadgets is pretty easy. Having a bag with pockets for your gadgets makes it even more convenient to check if you still have everything.

First of all, make sure that your bag is always zipped. Never place your gadgets in your pockets when you’re going through crowds.

And you should never, ever walk around with your device just in your hands. You can easily drop it and it can get kicked around never to be seen again.

You might seem a little paranoid when you do this but constantly check your bag to see if all your gadgets are still in there.

Before you leave a restaurant, museum, or any place, check if you have everything with you. If you don’t, retrace your steps, check the lost and found, or ask staff members for help in finding your device.

Damage Protection

Get the right cases for your location. You also have to take your activities into consideration when choosing protective gear for your gadgets. Or if you want to keep all bases covered, get a waterproof and shockproof case to ensure that your device will stay in one piece.

Getting a strap or lanyard will also prevent you from dropping your camera while taking photos. Just in case you can’t do anything to protect your items, make sure to back-up your data just in case something happens to your memory cards.

Safety is always a priority when traveling and this doesn’t just apply to you, it applies to your possessions as well. A few simple steps can save you a lot of money in lost or damaged gear.